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Steel Cut Cinnamon Scented Oatmeal  9

almonds, blueberry compote

Half Papaya and Granola  11

nancy’s yogurt, passion fruit sauce

Cured Salmon Lox Bagel*  14

capers, dill cream cheese spread,   watercress 

American   Breakfast*  22

two organic eggs

smoked bacon, uli’s sausage or zoe’s ham

roasted potatoes

choice of: macrina bakery toast or bagel

perricone juice and brewed fontè coffee

Continental Breakfast  19

bananas or seasonal fruit

cold cereal,   granola or oatmeal

choice of: macrina bakery toast or bagel

perricone juice and brewed fontè coffee




Pulled Kalua Pork Benedict*  17

foraged mushroom ragout, lomi tomato, hollandaise

Stiebrs Farms Egg Frittata*  17

sundried tomato, caramelized onion, zoe’s ham, broccoli

Rustic Corned Beef Hash*  17

crispy poached eggs, brussels sprouts, sweet onion

Trace Seattle Breakfast* 18

salmon lox, potato   galette, scrambled eggs,

lemon crème fraîche

Market Gathered Omelet*18

hot smoked salmon, mushroom, goat cheese,

sautéed spinach

Macrina Raisin   Bread French Toast 15

lemon custard, blueberry compote, almond crumble

Blueberry, Banana and Kale Smoothie        7

house-made granola bar   


Breakfast Potatoes  5

Zoe’s Ham  6

Apple Smoked   Bacon  6

Uli’s Famous Sausage    7

Housemade Granola  5

Plain Yogurt  5








*consuming   raw or undercooked eggs, meat, or seafood may increase your risk of food   borne illnesses


Nordaq FRESH Still or Sparkling Water (750ml)  4

Perricone Juice  6

orange, apple   cider, or grapefruit

Fontè Organic Brewed Coffee    5

Fontè Tea Selection 5                                                           

Cappuccino, Latte  6

Espresso  5