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Steel Cut Cinnamon Scented Oatmeal  9

almonds, strawberry compote

Homemade Granola  11

nancy’s yogurt, fresh   stone fruit

Cured Salmon Lox Bagel*  14

capers, dill cream   cheese spread, watercress 

Banana Pancakes  15

candied hazelnuts, maple syrup

American Breakfast*  22

two organic eggs

smoked bacon, uli’s   sausage or zoe’s ham

roasted potatoes

choice of: macrina bakery toast or bagel

perricone juice and brewed fontè coffee

Continental Breakfast  19

bananas or seasonal   fruit

cold cereal,   granola or oatmeal

choice of: macrina   bakery toast or bagel

perricone juice and   brewed fontè coffee




Summer   Ratatouille Poached Eggs*  17

toasted baguette, fried basil, hollandaise

Stiebrs Farms Egg Frittata Lyonnaise*    17

ham, onions, potatoes,   parsley sauce

Trace Seattle Breakfast*  18

salmon lox, potato   galette, scrambled eggs,

lemon crème fraîche

Build Your Own Whole or Egg White Omelet*  18

choice of three   ingredients: sausage, bacon, ham,

tomato, spinach,   onions, broccoli, peppers, kale,

squash, cheddar cheese,   swiss cheese

Macrina Raisin   Bread French Toast   15

lemon custard, strawberries,   almond crumble

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie   7

housemade granola bar   




W Bloody Mary  11

skyy vodka, housemade bloody mary mix

Mimosa  10

fresh orange or grapefruit juice



Champagne Cocktail  10

blackberry puree, domaine de canton

Irish Coffee  12

jameson, fresh   brewed fonte coffee



Breakfast Potatoes  5

Zoe’s Ham  6

Apple Smoked Bacon  6

Uli’s Famous Sausage    7

Housemade Granola  5

Plain Yogurt  5

Assorted Pastries  5

croissant, banana bread, muffins, scones


Nordaq FRESH Still or Sparkling Water (750ml)  4

Perricone Juice  6

orange, apple   cider, or grapefruit

Fontè Organic Brewed Coffee    5

Fontè Tea Selection 

Cappuccino, Latte  6

Espresso  5

Milk  5

skim, 2%, whole, soy, almond